Medical Transcription

HIPAA-Compliant Solutions to Preserve Your Records When it comes to transcription, no two medical practices have the same needs. VTS’

Business Transcription

Confidential Solutions to Transcribe and Organize Your Important Recordings. Keeping good records requires time and resources. VTS can take

Data Management

Organizational Solutions to Optimize Your Information’s Value   Having up-to-date, accurate records is just the beginning. Knowing what to do with them,

Web Based Technology

Transcription Technology Adapted to Your Devices   VTS’ technology makes the whole transcription process quick and easy.  You don’t need special equipment

White Glove Services

White Glove Service is Hands-On Does your project need more?  Most transcription projects are unique.  Sometimes individual projects require an enhanced


Victoria’s Transcription Services, Inc. (VTS) provides transcription solutions to organizations of all types. Specializing in business, government and medical transcription, VTS helps clients capture, organize, manage, and archive their dictated or recorded records.

VTS, a companion firm to Victoria Court Reporting Service (VCRS) d/b/a Victoria Legal + Corporate Services, provides both live recording, as well as post-production, transcription.  Rely on VTS to accurately and securely transcribe meetings, conferences, video tapes, focus groups, interviews, statements or short reports and telephone conferences—transforming spoken words into written text.