Web Based Technology

Transcription Technology Adapted to Your Devices


VTS’ technology makes the whole transcription process quick and easy.  You don’t need special equipment for your computer and you can send us your data in any format.

What’s best for you is what works best for us.

VTS can transcribe your information by
•    using any digital recorder of your choice, or
•    calling our toll free number and dictate directly onto our system, or
•    uploading pre-recorded audio files directly to our secure site

You can
•    transfer voice files with the click of a button (we have free software you can load onto your computer)
•    have us convert and transcribe any audio formats
•    receive both the transcript and converted .MP3 file for later review

VTS’ sophisticated operations management system allows for a straightforward and fast transmission of information.  Retrieval is headache-free.  You will receive completed transcripts directly through our secure email box using our innovative, Web-based ASP application.